Wooed by His Glory

As I walked the first time in the park behind my new home, a home God provided miraculously; the glory of His creative power encompassed me. With its high lush trees shaded the path, and green grass and hedging surround the edge that connected to my back yard.  This little hideaway boasts its beauty with two wooden bridges covering a stream that waters this area as did the river Pishon in Havilah. I started walking for exercise, but it turned into so much more. In this place, I felt more like a part of His creative work there than any other place I had experienced. It was in this time and place that I was wooed by His glorious creative power that He spoke to me in a way I will never forget. As I was walking and in awe…

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Come close and hear

Did you ever believe that if you could just get closer, you will hear better? Many times that is what we believe, or at least hope is true.
Victory dog
I remember when I first saw the RCA “Victor Dog”, coined as “His Master’s Voice“, sitting by the amazing new technology. I thought, “If I could get that close to God, I would really be able to hear Him.” But is close really the answer?  Sometimes when we get really close to what we want to hear, it does not really help, and it can even make it more difficult. (more…)

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3 Lessons in learning to "just be me"…

“I don’t want to be a superstar, I just want to be me.”  This is a quote from a very inspiring Equestrian clip (1.47 min) by PocoZeph.  You can watch it here. It is worth watching!
Now this artist did a great display of who he sees himself to be, but, to display who we are, is much easier than living it out in our life. Right?
Just meJust like the quote above, rarely are we looking to be a superstar, we just want the ability to “just be, me.”  As a person that spent decades of being what others expected, I can tell you that for most of those years, I did not realize I was not being me. (more…)

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Given into by God

In Daniel 1:2 The Word says that God gave into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, King Jehoiakim, and Judah.  The biblical account goes on to tell us that in that giving into, was Daniel, a man of excellent spirit.
Have you ever felt like you had been given into a situation by God?  Well if you are His, you probably have been.  Those times that you find yourself in a situation that you know in all honesty you did not pray for, ask for or ever imagine you would be in; but you know He placed you there.
As I prepared for this study; it made me reflect back to my younger years with my husband.  (more…)

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