Legacy Tip: Recognize Open & Closed Preparation

One of the greatest turning points in our life is when we gain the knowledge and understanding that God has given us a purpose-designed life and the power to execute it under His watchful love and grace. This awareness also reveals how in every legacy, God embeds the responsibility and joy of bringing change to our life and the lives of others for our good and His glory. Preparation is the action of making ready before, before needed, before asking for, and before the total understanding of the use or benefit. Many times preparation is done when we are not even aware that it is preparation. We are moved to start saving money, even though it is a sacrifice. Then the opportunity to purchase a home is presented, and we are prepared.We are led to go back to school to…

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Building Your Legacy Tips-Ep#07 Preparation

Building Your Legacy Tips Episode #07 Closed preparation is when we have the outcome in mind and work towards it with focus regardless of what is revealed as we journey. But Open preparation is how we want to build our legacy and life. Learn more in this episode of the "Building Your Legacy Tips" podcast series. "Building Your Legacy Tips" is a series of short podcasts to help you understand and build your legacy because we all build a legacy every day, so do it as it becometh you.

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