Dedicated: “Committed, not just submitted.”
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Dedicated: “Committed, not just submitted.”

This is from a teaching series Dr. Aikens did entitle "Decisively Dedicated." The first post is a look at "Dedicated, "committed, not just submitted." When our perspective towards our calling or purpose is “it’s just what I do,” then veracity and excellence will not be what we strive to attain because we are settling for so much less, for God and from God. And if we don’t change our attitude, we will become ambivalent and indecisive about a need to invest ourselves to reach our maximum potential within that calling or purpose. And that is a problem. Ambivalence & Indecisive Ambivalence Ambivalence is when we have opposing attitudes, values, or thoughts coexisting in us at the same time. Ambivalence is being uncertain or indecisive as to which course to follow. As an attitude, ambivalence will hinder the preparation for excellence…

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Simplifying Life is Personal and Enjoyable

Personal Simplification To simplify scares many turns off many, and intrigues many. I went through all three of those feelings from the time I was introduced to the concept of simplicity, about four years ago. My first exposure was with Megan Starbuck and her blog Living Tiny, Dreaming Big. Her writing about tiny living came right about the time I was getting excited about tiny homes (which I hope to have someday). In her blog, she addressed various ways, reasons, and outcomes of embracing simplicity, no matter the size of your home, family, or life. Through reading her blog, she took me from being turned off and scared to intrigued because Megan made it very clear that living a life of simplicity is total, 100% personal. What a relief! So many before Megan, made me feel I had to do…

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