Revelatory High Calling: Considered, Yet Will I Trust In Him (Part 6)


It is through the power of God’s choice to cause men to be saved using preaching of Christ crucified, to free us from sin; that the power of His grace is proved as the strength of our faith. Indeed, all His choices always depose the wisdom of the seemingly wise; and still yet bring to naught the limited understanding of all who think they are the ones highly prudent”. So, it is,God’s deposed all the wise, as the scholars and disputers of this world; He’s unseated the foolishness of their wisdom; where it fails to acknowledge, He is!


Session Notes are the notes that Dr. Audrey Aikens teaches from in an individual setting. After spending hours in the presence of the Holy Spirit to hear and document the essence of what He wants her to impart to those He knows will have an ear to hear what the Spirit says through His Servant.  Dr. Aikens uses these notes to teach from while being open to the Spirit to share additional revelation as she teaches.


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