Word for Today Ep#14 Wisting Not

Word for Today Ep#14 Wisting Not

Word for Today Dr. Aikens
Word for Today Dr. Aikens
Word for Today Ep#14 Wisting Not

This episode of Dr. Aikens’s podcast series “Word for Today” teaches us the meaning and how we can recognize when we are “wisting not Wisting Not is seen seven times in the Old Testament as “yada-lo.” You can learn more about wisting not on this podcast; listen today.

In this episode of “Word for Today,” Dr. Aikens shares how “wisting not” can make us unsure or feeling doubleminded.

This 2-minute podcast gives hope to all who know Him and experience But, God!

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  1. Shawn Allen

    Hello Good morning , Continue to be bless. Please send me everything you have. Ep#14 is the first i believe i have received. Love You Sister Audrey!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shawn Allen

    DR.(SISTER) Audrey Aikens,
    My spiritual mom, words can not begin to express: the love, the appreciation, the honor, the privilege, the joy, the fruitfulness, and the spiritual journey that your unconditional love and your heavenly home cook teaching meal that I know came from the throne room. It impacted and change my life so much I was able to overcome the obstacles I didn’t even know was a barrier, as a result the overflow flowed into the lives I have and will come in contact with. The revelatory word does take root and become fruitful in its season. You tought me how to hear,listen,wait,and learn from God for myself. You demonstrated that the miracles of Bible did not end with the book of Acts. I know not only that God love me and how special I am to Him because He chose to put me under the Lady of God that He chose and who chose to be chosen. You are truly mighty in HIS HANDS!!!

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