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The Whole Man Life Training Academy is designed to be a resource option to complement your spiritual development and is not intended to be a substitute for the church experience. Designed especially for those who desire a deeper understanding of God’s word, we hope to assist in fulfilling your yearning with educational assets, that can be taken at your own pace and convenience. We are here to enhance and supplement the church experience, by giving you access to some of the many revelatory concepts and principles as revealed within Gods word, and often may not be expounded upon during the normal weekly church services. We encourage and invite you to explore the educational resource options of the Whole Man Life Training Academy.

Revelatory Correspondence Course

Whole Man Life Trainers Academy (WMLTA) Revelatory Correspondence Courses are designed to sharpen, further equip, and enlighten ones understanding of various Revelatory Concepts and Principles as revealed within God’s word. The purpose of these courses help you gain a greater understanding of the revelatory word, which will empower you to navigate through the numerous facets of spiritual development and phases of your ministry.

These Revelatory Correspondence Courses modules can be taken at your own pace, based upon your personal interest and schedule. They can be utilized as independent, unsupervised personal training resources, or you can choose to enroll as a member of the Whole Man Training Academy, where your individual study and completed work can be monitored, allowing you to earn course credits towards a certificate of completion. To earn credits towards a Whole Man Life Trainers Academy Revelatory Correspondence Courses Certificate of Completion, online membership is required. Please rest assured that the Whole Man Training Academy annual membership has its benefits, and it allows for additional discounts on select product purchases.

The issuance of the Whole Man Life Trainers Academy certificate of completion is not a Ministry License, but a certificate designed to validate your completion of the various training course(s). As always it is at the discretion of the local pastor to issue a Ministry License to a member of its congregation, based on their church’s governing practices and accountability criteria.

The courses are under development. If you would like to stay informed, please complete the form below.

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