With God, No Problem is Too Big to Overcome!

With God, No Problem is Too Big to Overcome!

This post is the revelatory teaching notes that Dr. Aikens taught from in the Bootcamp entitled “With God No Problem is Too Big to Overcome!”. Posted by Rev. Jane Babich after attending the Bootcamp.

“With God No Problem is Too Big to Overcome!”
                                                                       Dr. Audrey Aikens

It is the stormy, contrary and boisterous winds we all experience in life that can convey so many revelatory concepts we can learn from if we are determined to walk with God.

Winds can bring in floods to lash against us as weapons formed full of threatening sounds. Their distorted sounds can stifle our attempts to “speak boldly” in faith; when despite our efforts we still hear challenging reports of devastation sighted.

From Adam, we learned we can be equipped with all the best God has to offer and still, we’ll find winds full of subtility; come to so blow their residue of lies and fears into our atmosphere; it can seem able to overpower even the best of us.

And through woman, we learned that subtility attacks her with misdirection so artfully applied. Adam, not only never even thought to rebuke its sound; but in failing to discern or rebuke it; subtility succeeded in supplanting the truth Eve just knew, that she knew.

And suddenly; as both unquestioningly ate the lies of the serpent; their purpose was thwarted; rest was violated, and peace was nullified. This made them feel that their faith failed to prevent them from being mercilessly sifted; as wheat. But not so!

For neither one, ever activated faith; neither thought to “speak boldly” to the winds subtility brought to bear; to toss them to and fro spiritually. Thus, both were beguiled so overthrown allowing the enemy to supplant lies; for the Word they ought to have known.

They forgot the “key”; that in walking with God; no problem is too big; to overcome!

“Supplanting Subtility”

Supplanting thinks to replace or supersede priceless spiritual keys of power and authority we’re given; in usurping our rightful possession of using bait and switch scenarios painted; by winds of false doctrines or other forms of intrigue. If speaking into our atmospheres unrebuked; their sights and sounds of subtility; prove costly, subversive, underhanded; robbery tactics.

The revelatory is it is all robbery; because subtility is a dishonorable practice of displacing, cutting off or cutting out others from what is rightfully theirs; and turn things to where they take or fill the place of what was with undesired, weaponized; substitutions.

This bait and switch tactic of “subtility supplanting” comes to usurp our rightful spiritually strategic positioning. It seeks to circumvent our ability to “speak boldly” or to exert control over our atmosphere through the ability to overcome by being an heir of salvation.

Also, consider, subtility blows its winds into our atmosphere; full of troubling trickery. It’s intentional beguiling; using seductive sounds to deceive and take unfair advantage. Its expected end; completely undermine our will spiritually; so, “we frustrate our own sense of purpose”. 

This “subtility supplanting” lays unjust claim to; as if having a right to come to commandeer, seize and or in some way; misappropriate what it is known we desire or even treasure. It seeks to erode confidence; in our sense of being able to continue to press on in knowing God’s grace will strengthen and increase us in authority to do so despite challenges; we may even have failed to discern; come upon us at first

Realize it didn’t succeed until woman instead of “speaking boldly” to rebuke what she heard; ate the first fruit of subtility encountered; a lie. And that beloveds changed her whole spiritual perspective of what was and what looked good; to make one wiser.

Only then did Eve foolishly fall for letting herself be used to turning and knowingly give the forbidden unto Adam. And as we learned; he, in choosing to be cleaved to; was right there with her. Unfortunately, though he heard all; he too failed to “speak boldly”; so, with spiritual integrity; rebuke messes winds of subtility use; to reset our atmospheres.

Consider, Adam knew by his first-hand knowledge experience; more so than woman; that God had shown there was no problem too big for Him to overcome, yet he’d failed to behave himself wisely, and look unto Him.

Adam therefore short-circuited his spiritual authority by so foolishly eating though he knew the consequences. And that’s how subtility supplants anytime we fail to “speak boldly”; regardless of how loud our storm is.

Remember Ecclesiastes 1:9 Apostle-phrased!
The thing that has been; we’ll find will certainly be again. As will that which was done; will also be done again. And spiritually; we’ll also find; there being absolutely “nothing new” under the sun.

“Nothing New”

Nothing New signifies there is nothing unknown to those that walk with God. And the revelatory is that only in walking with God do we find the truth revealed of what eye has not seen or ear not heard. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

Unlike in Adam’s time; our world is proved to remain a very repetitive place; where nothing ever truly changes; all is cyclical; most especially in purposed; spiritual things. Yet, in salvation; believers are repositioned; to assume even greater assignments as dominion responsibility; than Adam was originally given.


Still consider; spiritual responsibility is “response-to His-ability”; learning to use our powerful “key” to unlike Adam; “speak boldly” in faith. And speaking boldly always changes things.

Foolishly eating without question or hesitation; because we impulsively cleaved without acknowledging, the spiritual purpose of any relationship, we feel God’s sanctioned; can make us so vulnerable, mentally and emotionally; if we’re not wise; to be discerning.   

When “subtility supplants” often like Adam; we don’t realize how much we’ve lost; until in our lacking the integrity God expects of us; we find ourselves like him; reassigned


Reassigned: signifies being re-appointed unto a different job, the task in reallocating a work; or as a re-distributing of resources available to now do differently. It also signifies it is hoped greater intelligence ordered this shifting as strategic repositioning; occurs.

We learned Adam, was not only reassigned; but obviously became boldly resistant to his reassignment. Thus, he found they were “driven out” from the presence of the Lord and that He’d put “key” angelic and supernatural element of the fiery sword He set in place; to guard and assure; they could never return in their own strength. (Genesis 3:22-24)

Adam and Eve were no longer sanctioned to occupy the perfect peace of God’s rest, authority or abundance. But that only happens if sadly like them we foolishly take grace and favor for granted in “walking with God”; thus, remain unsubmitted to our ordered steps.

Remember, the Lord already knew that the enemy would use the snake to audaciously come in like a flood against Adam and Eve, for they had been given the “key of dominion” to serve as His “royal kings and priests” in the earth.  (Isaiah 59:19)

Our spiritual responsibility as instructed in Revelation 5:10. (Apostle-phrased)

And the sacrifices of the Lord; have made us unto our God; to be “His” standards; as kings and priests. Thus, we shall then “reign on the earth.

Now again as there’s nothing new under the sun, consider King Hezekiah who walked with and pleased God. He too awoke to find a problem seeming too big to overcome.
He loved God yet he found his kingdom of Judah faced with a firestorm of the enemy in full force before them. It was a sight, anyone, seeing it would be intimidated and then turn, run and hide.

His name signifies: he who Jehovah Has Strengthened

He is historically called a good, wise, and godly king; for he ruled as did his great-grandfather Uzziah. He too had chosen as king to abolish all idolatrous worship during his 23-year reign over Judah.

The word is Hezekiah in choosing to cleave only unto the Lord; he refused to depart from walking with Him or keeping His commandments. Thus, he was said to please God; like no other king before or after him; with his steadfast faith and obedience.

For when his people were struck with an illness that threatened to wipe them out like a plague because of their disobedience; Hezekiah presented himself as that living sacrifice; as their Levitical priests were still struggling with being; out of order.

Then Hezekiah prayed for God to strengthen them to go on through the darkness unto the marvelous light that God’s Word calls us unto. He also rebuked the mess that the idolatry’s subtility had brought to his people.

And God heard Hezekiah’s prayers. He miraculously healed the people; strengthening them; so, they rose and pressed into obedience their king urged. And they worked as one to tear down every idol they’d tolerated; vowing to cleave only to the Lord God

This pleased God; as his people professed to then be filled with faith; in declaring they’d not had or seen a king with so confident, intimate relationship with God; since the days of His king Solomon.  

Now you’d think perhaps this should have guaranteed they’d experience nothing further than living life more abundantly; full of righteousness, joy, peace in the Holy Ghost. But not so; for not too long after; a few years later in Hezekiah’s reign, the enemy came against them like a flood; as the treacherous Assyrian king; Sennacherib.


His name signified one seen as a bramble bush; full of destruction. Sennacherib’s army was so vast that fear came and ran roughshod among Hezekiah’s people; accomplishing its dirty work; before a blow could even be struck.

For the mere “sight and threatening sound” of many adversaries reported as coming with him; thus, against Judah; were enough to wreak havoc among Hezekiah’s counselors and generals having his ear. That evil being present with and arrayed before them was so overwhelming; Hezekiah felt compelled to yield to intimidated counsel to pay exorbitant ransom that today would amount to millions of dollars in gold and silver; and forfeiture of dozens of his walled cities; all as tribute Sennacherib demanded; to prevent his annihilating all Judah.

Sadly, less than 2 years later; Hezekiah looked up and saw the same army set in even a greater array; threatening to destroy all, in their way.  But this time Hezekiah believing with God; no problem even that of supplanting subtility was too big for Him to overcome; chose to turn to Him in prayer; instead of being moved by fear.  

As a result, although unbeknownst to Hezekiah; that night Jesus; as the pre-incarnate angel of the Lord went out unto Sennacherib’s camp; to destroy 185,000 of his men. The next morning; although Hezekiah was unaware of what the Lord had done; faith awakened; changed his whole perception of the problem before him.

And simply because he refused to be moved to fear by gazing at the terroristic circumstances; God’s grace strengthened him for his press; so, his faith then rebuked the mess; the enemy arrayed as a flood; coming against them.

Thus, as Hezekiah looked out; he “saw instead” that the Lord had already lifted His standard against the enemy. Thus, he boldly with quiet confidence; rebuked the mess; so, encouraged his people to not just trust in the Lord; but, rest in Him; as He then did; what they couldn’t.

Hear now his Words: 2 Chronicles 32:7-8 Apostle-phrased!
Hezekiah decreed; “Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor all the multitude with him. For there are more with us; than with him!  For the king merely has with him; the arm of flesh. Whereas with us; but “see” the Lord our God overcome him; by lifting our faith up as His standard against him; thus, helping us by fighting our battles! As they heard him “speak boldly”; it encouraged them in the Lord. And they rested themselves in the faith-filled words their king Hezekiah of Judah so boldly declared!

We will end with a final look at “Speaking Boldly.

“Speaking Boldly”

Speaking Boldly signifies having great liberty to speak in faith at doors of utterance given; to speak freely, frankly and copiously as we encounter and fearlessly face spiritual windstorms.
The revelatory also signifies we do so; having learned to stand in totally trusting in the Lord. This then makes our sound utterly commanding, for as we speak so in His name and authority; we’re eloquent and compelling.  Also, as we then exude confidence in spirit and demeanor; even demons recognize that Word boldly spoken; so trembling; flee the standard our spiritual resistance is then seen as. (James 4:7)

In closing remember; “With God, No problem is too big for Him to Overcome”; but the “key” will always be He uses people who’ll in faith “speak boldly” to rebuke winds of subtility; magnifying themselves as if their sound can ever be our “absolutes” heard.

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