What we can learn from people with a "world view."

Have you ever met someone that from the moment you started to speak with them, you realized they just saw things differently than you.  They saw things with a different lens than you did.  I call these individuals “People with a World View”. It is my desire to inspire to you recognize those in your life that have the “world” in their eyes (and heart); because we can learn so much from them.Eye with world
Before we look at that more, it is important to understand that you too have a different view.  Here are some examples of some other views I have come across in my life:
A Mothers view: Even though I am a Mother, I never had this view.  These women see life as a mother before, during and after raising children.  Everything can and normally is seen with children in mind. Because God in His wisdom did not give me my daughter until I was married 17 years; I did not get it.  UNTIL my daughter arrived.
A Servants view: Again for me, even though I have been a servant for the Lord in different circumstances, I do not have that view.  One of my co-workers is such a great example of this.  When anything is going on, her first thought is how can I serve?  It is so amazing to have watched her over the years, she has made me a better person just by her consistent view of servanthood (or service).
People with a “World View”, for a reason I truly do not understand; have always been drawn to me. I have had the privilege to know several of these extraordinary people. Here are 3 things that I have learn from people with a world view:
 They expect bigger When hearing an idea on how to build a house for a family that has lost their home to a fire; these people see an opportunity to work with the fire department to create a foundation to enable every family in the community to have the same benefit; if they lost a home to fire.
They move quicker: When they see that their co-workers are discussing the difficulty in finding fresh produce for their families; the next day they submit a proposal to request the company to allow the employees to start a garden on the property.
They refuse to regret even in the face of failure: Because they have this world view, when they fail they do not regret trying because they know that what was learned and experienced in the trying will be used for something better and more impacting in the future.
I recently found this young man (on the internet) that has this amazing “world view”.  Check out (be sure to watch a few of his videos) “Preston Smiles” and then think about those in your life that have the world in their eyes… or maybe it is you!  What is your view?

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