Retirement Perspective “Beauty”

Retirement Perspective “Beauty”

I recently accepted a retirement offer from the company I have worked for about 20 years. I am telling you, I am ready, I think! (if you want to read the why I launched this blog, read the introduction here)

I am ready to do all those things I said I would do when I retire (I have a list). I am ready to not have to be “available” to anyone eight hours a day. I am ready to stay up late and not be concerned about the morning alarm clock. I am ready to travel when I want without first checking if I have PTO remaining.

With all the gratitude I have with having been offered and accepted this retirement package, I am also full of questions. Why do I have questions, I have prayed for this and know it is time, yet I have questions.

  • Will I really do those things on my list to do when retired?
  • Will I miss the expectations that came with being “available” eight hours a day?
  • Will I ever really sleep in after 40 years of waking up early, without an alarm?
  • Will I really travel, my husband has passed and most family and friends are still working?

I sought wisdom from the Lord and others that have given me great comfort to have answers to my questions.

  • Fear not, the Lord has always been with you, and He will not leave in retirement.
  • Your days will go by and you will wonder how you ever had time to work.
  • You will now be available to new people to help with as much time as you can spare.
  • You will not have to wait to travel to do things that bring you joy, with others or alone.

It has been several weeks since I said yes to the retirement package and I know these truths.

  • It is true that I will not have all the answers today.
  • It is true that each day is precious no matter and I just need to be present every day.
  • It is true that sleep is sweet no matter the season.
  • It is true that I will travel if I want to, not because I can.

My declaration and discovery of retirement is the perspective of beauty, and I choose to see the beauty in me for me and around me in this new season of my hereafter, in retirement.

Click here to check out the perspective of beauty. Until next time remember, we craft our legacy daily, do it as it becometh you.

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