Revelatory Expository-Great and Effectual Doors (Part 1)


But it is very key for those who chose to deny themselves and follow Jesus on that higher than the journey to where we prosperously transition on through any “great and effectual door” of prophetic ministerial opportunities only He can and does open before us. Amazed is rendered four different ways in Old Testament scripture. Learn of them and more in this expository from the series “Great and Effectual Doors”.

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Mini-Revelatory Expository Collection Dr. Audrey Aikens compiles, full of Revelatory Concepts, Definitions, and Significations; will be totally unlike any others you may encounter elsewhere. They’re designed to be study aids for those diligently studying the Word to show themselves approved; unto God. They offer you the opportunity to gain “more understanding” of revelation the Holy Spirit gives; as He’s still assigned to give those seeking Him; the wise enlightenment of truth.