Living in the Fruit of the Spirit; with Grace!

Living in the Fruit of the Spirit; with Grace!

Living in the Fruit of the Spirit; with Grace – by Dr. Audrey Aikens

These verses are a responsive reading done during the teaching from 1 Samuel 22:1-52 Apostle-phrased to personalize!

David spoke to the Lord in his Psalm 18 which he wrote in the day the Lord delivered him out of his enemies and king Saul’s hand. He sang “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer; in Him will I trust. He’s my shield; my salvation, my high tower, my refuge and savior; my everything. You oh Lord; saved me from “violence every strongman” has thought to bring me! Thus, “I will” trust and continually call on the Lord!

He is worthy to be praised! As I praise Him, He continually saves me from all my enemies! When death comes in billowing waves to threaten me; when floods of “ungodly strongmen” work me to be afraid; when sorrows of hell as messengers of Sa`tan surround me; when the snares of death are magnified to make me feel disappointed in God; so ready to flee from Him; I cried out in my distress;and He heard me!

The Lord shook the earth and it trembled; even the foundations of heaven moved and shook in His anger. He has bowed the heavens; He rode the wings of the wind; He came down to put darkness under His feet. As the “Most High”, He utters, and His voice sends arrows of lightening to scatter and discomfit our enemies.  The very blast of the breath from His nostrils rebuke all; as He sends our help from above to draw us out of the peril of many waters and delivers us from strongmen that hate and are too strong for us.

They come to withstand me in days of calamity: but the Lord causes me to be “stayed”. He brings me forth into large places; to live well in the fruit of His Spirit with grace. He delivers me because He delights in me. He will reward me according to my righteousness and cleanness of my hands, and His grace recompenses me. This is His way when “I keep” His ways; when I do not wickedly depart His ways. His judgments are before me. I learn His statutes to not depart from them. I seek to walk upright before Him and to keep from iniquity. He faithfully rewards according to righteousness and cleanness of hands in His eyes. He is my lamp lighting darkness around me. His grace strengthens me to run through a troop of strongmen and leap over their walls!

Your way is perfect Lord! Your Word is tried! You are a buckler! Thus, we trust in You! Who is God except You? Who is the rock higher than; except You? You are our strength, our power! You make our way perfect.  You make our feet like hinds’ feet. You set us upon high places. You teach us how to war; so even weapons as steel that form against us; are seen to not prosper. You are the shield of our salvation. And it is as we “live in the fruit of Your Spirit with grace” that we; are “being made” to be great!

You enlarge ordered steps under us! You uphold us with Your hand; so, our feet don’t slip; to utterly fall! Because of Your grace; we can speak boldly to pursue enemies; to destroy them so; they don’t rise again. Your grace girds us with the strength to battle; all that comes against us. But it is You Lord; that subdues it all! You even deliver us from the strivings of Your people. You make us the head; not the tail; to walk in authority.

The Lord lives! Blessed is my rock and exalted is my God; the rock of my salvation! You shall avenge me! You shall bring down those thinking to overtake me! You, God, shall lift me above those who rise against me!

You’ve already delivered us from the “violence of strongmen”.Therefore, “we will” give thanks to You Lord! “We will” sing praises unto Your name. For even as You’ve shown mercy to Your anointed one, David; You will be and do the same forever afterwards unto; for and through all who are his seed; for evermore. Amen!

As we begin the teaching consider David: 1 Samuel 13:14 & 16:1-13 Apostle-phrased!

Samuel accosted king Saul and rebuked his reckless disobedience to the Lord’s directions. He said; “Saul, your kingdom shall not continue. The Lord’s sought for His use a man after His own heart. He’s commanded he be made “captain” over His people; because you, failed to keep what He commanded you to do!

This took place when David was about two - three; not even old enough to be his own father’s shepherd yet! (Verse 16:1) Twelve years later, when David was still but about “15”; the Lord said unto Samuel;

“How long will you continually mourn for Saul when you know I already rejected his continuing to reign over Israel? Arise, fill your horn with oil and go. I send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite; for there I’ve provided “for Myself”; a “king” from among his sons!” Samuel said; “But how can I; do this? Saul will surely kill me!” But the Lord unimpressed said; “Take a calf, go to Bethlehem and when you arrive tell them you’ve come to sacrifice unto the Lord. Then call Jesse to come to the sacrifice with you.

Then I’ll show you what to do next; for you shall “anoint unto Me”; him whom I shall shew unto you!”

So Samuel obediently overrode his fear of Saul’s anger; to do as led. Samuel’s coming to Bethlehem made everyone tremble in fear. But he simply spoke what the Lord said; so, called on Jesse and all his sons to sanctify themselves; to go with him to offer sacrifices. When they arrived as Samuel saw Eliab the oldest; he was so impressed by his stature he said; “Surely, this is Your anointed Lord, standing here before me!”

But the Lord said; “Not so! Don’t be impressed by his looks, his height, or his stature; for I’ve refused him! Because I don’t “see” as men do. They focus on the outward appearance; but I look upon him and “see” his heart!”

Still, Samuel reacted the same with each of Jesse’s six other sons as they came and stood before him. But the Lord rejected them all one by one in the very same manner.

Finally, Samuel said; “Jesse, the Lord hasn’t chosen any of these sons; are they the only children you have?”

Jesse said; “No; there’s yet my youngest, David; but he’s not here; he only knows to tend to my sheep!” Samuel said; “Well send for him now; as I can’t proceed on; until he comes.  As David arrived, Samuel saw a young slight, pale redhead, good looking; but yet not strong; not robust as his brothers; nor tall like Saul.

But Samuel also clearly heard the Lord say; “Now arise, anoint him! For this is he that shall be “My king”! Samuel’s obedience to anoint David; unbelievably shocked; his incredulous, skeptical, disdaining brethren.

But immediately the Spirit of the Lord came upon David; to begin the increase in him.  His increase began to be seen as “he waxed strong in Spirit”. Thus, this 15-year-old adolescent boy; so meek his own brothers disparaged him; was strengthened by God’s knowing him; to now intimately know his God, and as “he lived in the fruit of the Spirit with grace”; he returned to his sheep with the relationship to do exploits.

David, overcame the strongmen
tag-team that came as a lion and a bear against him. 1 Samuel 17:34-37

Favor went ahead to Saul’s palace and became the “kingdom key” opening doors and preparing men’s hearts there to receive David (15) as already a mighty valiant man the Lord was with! 1 Samuel 16:14-23

The fruit of the Spirit in David; made Jonathan knit to him, and made Saul declare he too; loved him! Grace and favor made room for peace he brought as fruit of the Spirit in him, so key to Saul’s peace.

As the fruit of the Spirit continued to ripen in David; he was promoted to then “be” Saul’s “captain”. Favor moved him in; to occupy the same palace as Saul, God appointed to replace him; but, at “30”!

David continued living in the fruit of the Spirit with grace by behaving himself wisely in all his ways. David occupied 15 years; despite continual opposition he experienced from within; as well as from 12 strongmen tag-teaming him. He is our sure O.T. type example; as is the Lord; as our “captain” today!


Captain:  it appears only 3 times and signified the Lord God strategically positioning men He chose to be set over His people. This is signified being as chosen to occupy at the front of; so, to honorably command; to lead so, save many by example. His anointed ones!

The revelatory is many are called to be captains, but very few were chosen to occupy as anointed ones deemed His peculiar ones among many. He strategically positions them for His use. It’s strengthened in knowing Him; to rise and do exploits. 

David was one of 5 men (called captains); Joseph, Samuel and two others as kings; Saul and then the Hezekiah God chose all. But David reveals the “key, living in the fruit of the Spirit; with grace” is; it enables any press; to just be that “captain” seen; so, known even loved; as the Lord’s anointed; and despite; costly mistakes made.

For David signified being wisely willing hearted to strive to maintain a right spirit and clean heart that must often be renewed!  If we fail to honorably do so; our spirit can fall far short as captains; causing anointings to wane; as it did with Saul.

Did David mess up where his anointing was concerned? Yes, but the“key” is that he humbled himself in conviction; repented, got up, turned from it; denying self; so pleasing God!

Remember, “captains” are anointed to be and live unctioned; in being peculiarly His. 

To be the same caliber as David; requires we be “after the Lord’s heart”; not having to be turned into another man as Saul was. But we’re to live in the fruit of the Spirit with grace which makes us prove to be of another spirit; as Joshua and Caleb were before David. Then we’ll just be honorable, unflappable; able to resiliently retain our integrity; maintain excellence; a right spirit; thus, behaving ourselves wisely in all our ways.  This will always result in the Lord being with us; so messing all enemies up!

1 Sam 18:14-15

 And David behaved himself wisely in all his ways, and the Lord was with him. Wherefore when Saul saw that he behaved himself very wisely, he was afraid of him.

“With Him”

With Him is a concept appearing over 351 times in the O.T.; as “`im” used in 1 Samuel 18:14 over 100 times; it signifies willingly accompanying as equals would; so, for and or against who or what they are and going before or beside; as more than.

The revelatory only 7 times is “being with” used referencing the “Lord” as very present; busying Himself to uphold with His hand those He anoints with the fruit of His spirit; then orders their steps as good men; having the heart to be used as “His captains”.

Again, the revelatory to note is; when it’s the Lord our God that’s “with us”; it means the fruit of His spirit comes to reside and ripen within us. This takes our “relationship” to that higher than; intense level; of the “intimacy of being the “sons of God” experience.

Such intimacy in relationship with the Lord; cannot be overcome; whatever strongman tag-team audaciously thinks to withstand us; for “God is with thus, for us”; so, who?

Also, consider the revelatory that the Lord being with us; fills us with and causes His fruit of the Spirit; to begin to ripen within us. Thus, our hearts change! We wax strong in Spirit; thus, live in the fruit of the Spirit with the strength of His grace enabling and strengthening us!

We become more and more willing to live our salvation aloud. We think, so behave more and more wisely; in all our ways. As we do, we find the Lord strategically manifests His presence as “with us” in and through all.  And we also find that as did Saul with David; when the intimacy of their relationship we have is seen; it makes adversaries cringe and fear.

Also, living in the fruit of the Spirit with grace; signifies we gain wise understanding of our times; which we’re to apply every learning experience to all our ways. As we do; we walk circumspectly; with revelation of wisdom we receive guiding us to consistently live as spiritually woke; thus, spiritually minded.

It is also the ability to conduct ourselves in specified ways that yoke us in relationship we’re to expectantly exhibit towards others; thus, ability to turn suddenly; to now conduct ourselves properly; as we ought to know the Lord dictates there is cause; as spiritual protocol required especially He deems; “His peculiar ones; among many.

David memorialized this revelatory practice for us when he wrote as a scripture most of us can quote; “The steps of a good man are ordered; directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way. What causes Him delight is His fruit; ripening within us.

David said; the Lord busies Himself with His good man’s every step! And in the event, he should fall; he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord very presently, busily; although invisibly; grasps his hand in support; to uphold him; in being His own!”

This is such a powerful key to grasp hold of; this behaving wisely in all our ways. It will cause a powerful manifesting; a revealing of the very presence of the Lord to be seen by those observing us.

Living the fruit of His Spirit with grace will cause His hand to be clearly seen that it is He that busily upholds us; so, we never experience any shame of utterly falling or failing!

Thus David remained the meek and lowly; as a man continually “after God’s own heart”; thus, unchanged by it all. Thus he accomplished and prospered whereever and at whatever Saul assigned; for David, behaved himself wisely; despite hounds of hell.

Consider; what phenomenon occurred simply because despite darkness Saul entertained as strongmen; worked through his vain heart against David; who he knew the Lord was with; he also saw despite all the many devious devices he imagined to work him; still yet the Lord; remained with David

Captain:      in English usually refers to those chosen to command the “ship”; which signified any entity. Thus, the leader chosen or even self-proclaimed; stood at the front to act as the head; having chief authority given to exercise; over assigned others.

Captain also appears 23 times in the N.T. rendered 3 ways; but only in Hebrews 2:10, do we find it in referencing Jesus. Consider Jesus; He was made a little lower than the angels; in order to suffer death, yet be crowned with glory and honor. This was all so, that He; by God’s grace; should in tasting death be, salvation for every man. Thus, it became Him, by whom all things come; that in His bringing “many sons” unto glory, in being with Him; He is indeed, the proven “captain” of our salvation. And in this salvation; we’re being made perfect with faith tried through sufferings as well. We do so “living in the fruit of the Spirit; with grace”; as He did!

Consider, Jesus as our captain today; is but the transliterated expression of how He appeared to Joshua; as the “captain” of the host; and angel of the Lord. He came to lead Joshua in his being Israel’s captain; out of feeling too weak; with His grace strengthening him to turn and silently face a Jericho straitly shut up.

He was instructed to blow the shofar in a speaking boldly to that strongman when appointed; then, to watch the walls withstanding him and Israel; suddenly fall flat as in worship! And so, they did! Joshua 5:13-6:20

Jesus as “captain” signified He came as our anointed chief leader strategically positioned to walk among us; to lead from the front; as truth, the way, our life, our light; the good shepherd, Lord, Emmanuel God with us; Savior, the Word made flesh; author, finisher and key principal of our faith.

We Selah with Galatians 5:22-26 Apostle-phrased!

The fruit of the Holy Spirit result as His abiding presence works so accomplishes within us. It is progressively seen as we yield our lives and way to Him as love, joy, peace, forbearance which is patience; then kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness expressed by meekness and humility; also includes self-control.

When we walk in The Spirit; we automatically begin walking in His fruit which no law can bring charges against. His fruit causes us to willingly crucify the flesh in its appetites, desires, and passions.

Also, as we learn to live by the Spirit; we will walk by the Spirit; thus, our lives will be so centered in Him that as we go forward spiritually; we increasingly become spiritual minded; our conduct controlled by Him.

Therefore, getting an understanding of the working of the nine fruit of the Spirit as one of our vital keys of the kingdom is essential. For it works with grace to produce the wisdom that prevents a slipping backwards into being beguiled by subtility coming to try our faith. For subtility brings vain, conceited, competitive, vexing, irritatingly envious; even suspiciously jealous; destructive thoughts about one another; all which is ungodly!

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