Absolute & Key:  Speaking Boldly:  It Is Simplified Warfare!

Absolute & Key: Speaking Boldly: It Is Simplified Warfare!

In these our end times, speaking boldly is key! Understanding Simplified Warfare, according to the scriptures, is key! This teaching from Dr. Aikens is timeless because it is The Word, but it is for today, no matter what your today is because it is full of the revelation from the Holy Spirit through His Servant.

As you partake of this wisdom and revelation, Dr. A. walks you through part of the Book of Acts via what we call “Apostle-phrased.” “Apostle-phrased” is when she takes The Word and through the Holy Spirit using the different versions, such as KJV and AMP, and combines them into a paraphrased writing, that gives us clarify and applicability for such a time as this.

Read, pray and ponder this meaty message from Apostle Dr. Aikens on “speaking boldly”, now and always as we are lead by His Spirit. Glory!

This post is the revelatory teaching notes that Dr. Aikens taught from in the Bootcamp entitled “Absolute & Key: Speaking Boldly: It is Simplified Warfare!”. Posted by Rev. Jane Babich after attending the Bootcamp.

We are being prepared for powerful opportunities that the Lord will give us to minister in our own experiences, to speak boldly yet simply; as simplified warfare that is scriptural.

Today, we consider the stories of those the Lord anointed to be His captains in His mega-church of Acts who overcame those assigned against them; by simply “speaking boldly.”


Simplified is to have a problematic or meaty subject made less complex or complicated. To make understandable and easier to see and, more importantly, to then be able to choose whether to make what we the subject become applicable for one’s life.

“Spiritual Warfare”

Spiritual Warfare is the Christian concept of having to wrestle against the work of what today is called the unnatural, supernatural, paranormal, and ever mysterious forces or evil spirits. The idea is a biblical belief that evil spirits or demons are those invisible forces that try to intervene in our human affairs in various ways.

The forms spiritual warfare may range from prayer and fasting, laying on of hands by ministers or priests anointing with oil or holy water; unto the much more complicated traditional practices which the Catholic church calls; exorcism.  Apostle Paul in Romans 7:18-21 instructs us to do simplify warfare against the evil, antichrist forces, and the evil present with us.

Romans 7: 18-21 (Apostle-phrased)

For I know that in me; that is, in my flesh; dwells no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good; I find not. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now, if I do that, I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwells in me. I find then a spiritual law operating then that; whenever I would do good, evil is present with me.

“Evil is Present”

Evil is Present signifies that which insidiously lurks in the darkness, yet at hand, quickly presenting themselves, coming at us to promptly show us they have some right to overtake, captive, or capture; to silence us. So it will buffet and intimidate with insistently demanding threats to do dire harm.

The revelatory is that it also signifies; an evil, God deems worthless; knowing it lies in wait near us; to insistently make demands for us to gaze at what it says and even does; fearfully. But when we do; we ignore what we know as “His” and give evil our undue attention spiritually. For the evil consists of 12 strongmen, covering every flavor evil thinks to present.

The twelve strongmen as evil present with us personify wicked depraved personalities that will lurk about the dark issues of our lives; trying to make us be too careful, troubled, worried, anxious, and intimidated; to do any good thing spiritually. Luke 10:38-42.

Luke 10-38-42

Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus’ feet, and heard his word. But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, dost thou does not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? Bid her, therefore, that she help me. And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

The strongmen include men or things speaking from the dark side of life circumstances, yet in the light of truth; what they threaten is intrinsically harmless to us spiritually. Yet evil being evil; never fail to think to work or speak boldly; according to its evil nature. For it is as troubling noisome flying pestilence swarming about us; so, we flit at it helplessly.

This evil moves as tag-team spiritual strongmen; they all come huffing, puffing, and threatening. And if we do not submissively comply without any further “speaking boldly” in spiritual protest they want us to fear that the evil among us will steal from us; kill or at least in some manner; destroy us.  But God said, not so!

There’s a very popular saying the world has that says; “The devil is in the details”!  Another says; “you can tell the devil is in the details; just looking at the circumstances”!  But I say instead we should remember the revelatory signification of circumstances and then simply “speak boldly” telling his strongmen; what we know about circumstances.

“Circumstances” simplified

Circumstances are minor, insignificant, unessential, even inconsequential; powerless little details that only gain power in our lives; as we magnify them with our attention; which if we know God; they’re surely not due!

How does evil present with us get us to give undue attention if it’s that simple?  They get us to gaze at what they say and think to do, in fear or amazement, by peering intently at the trouble of details; trying to figure out; what God for us has already worked out!

Remember; the trouble they’d bring us comes as anomalies happening; when we think to do good. And the darkness seen when we focus on the evil present with us can make it hard to see God anywhere, much less as with us. Yet God is with us; to enable us to overcome extreme, threatening circumstances.

We must learn to know scriptural stories that teach us to speak boldly. For when we think to; despite what evil threatens or may do; our God; as our vehemently and summarily exceeding or “very” present help; responds with His signs and wonders that will surely follow us.

Consider, these scriptural stories reveal that despite crafty, deceptive ways of the strongmen sent as Sa`tan’s messengers, we can defeat them. Yes, they think to work us, they try to invade our minds, senses, relationships, and even our will; to do God’s good pleasure, but Isaiah 54:17 teaches us that “no weapon can prosper!”

Times of Speaking Boldly in The Book of Acts

Acts 2:1-3:12 (Apostle-phrased)

When the day of Pentecost has fully come, the 11 apostles and 109 other disciples including men and women who had followed Jesus and had witnessed His arrest and crucifixion; were all obediently waiting with one accord gathered in one place awaiting the other comforter the Lord had promised would come.

And suddenly, came a sound from heaven as of a mighty rushing wind, filling the house where they sat waiting. And cloven tongues like as of fire appeared and sat upon each one. And they found they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues, as the Holy Ghost gave them utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem at the time; Jews, devout men, which had gathered from every nation under heaven. And when word spread about Jesus’ disciples, this mixed multitude came together but was confounded as those from every nation heard the disciples speak their languages. So, they were all amazed and marveled; knowing the disciples were Galileans, yet not only “boldly speaking” what was known yet their foreign languages. And their words interpreted; did extol God’s wondrous exploits!

And although all were amazed those doubting chose to mock them as drunk and simply ranting. But Peter, taking the initiative; stood up with the apostles; and lifting his voice found his mouth suddenly filling with Word. As he “spoke boldly” all-hearing, hearkened. He preached what they were witnessing the prophet Joel prophesied would come to pass. How, in the last days; the Lord would pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh; to cause sons and daughters to prophesy; young men to see visions, old men to dream, and His servants and handmaidens to also “speak boldly”; all, thus prophesying. And the Lord afterward would shew His wonders in the heavens and signs on earth. He’d also cause to come to pass that whoever chose to call on His name; would immediately be saved! 

Then Peter; considered ignorant and unlearned; preached spiritual history; beginning with David’s prophesying the resurrection of the same Jesus; they’d dared crucify although He was both Lord; and the very Christ! Those hearing Peter’s sermon were pricked in heart and asked to be saved. So that the same day over 3000 souls was baptized and added unto the early church as the apostles boldly ministered to all God gave great favor among all hearing to hearken, and continually added all so saved.

Some time, afterward; Peter and John went to the temple to pray and encountered a man lame, from birth. He was a beggar out front of the temple gate called “beautiful”. He asked alms of all who entered and when he saw Peter and John asked of them. But Peter and John fastening eyes on him; knew what worked him. So, Peter “speaking boldly,” said; “Look on us”; and he did; expecting to receive!

Then Peter said; “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have, I give; In Jesus Name; rise up and walk”! And taking the man by the right hand; lifted him up as a “standard”, and immediately the man’s feet and ankle bones received strength.  The man began stepping, leaping, walking, and in joy entered the temple with them while still praising God. And, all witnessing it knew how this x-lame beggar was; so, all immediately seeing him grab hold of Peter and John ran in; being filled with wonder and amazement at the miracle.

Acts 3:12-5:14 Apostle-phrasing!

As Peter saw the throng gather; he was moved to action; to again; “speak boldly”! This time he taught; “Men of Israel, why, do you marvel at this as if we through our own power or holiness; made this man walk? Not so; but it was in the Name of God’s Son, Jesus; whom you all delivered up and denied knowing Him in the presence of Pilate when he thought to release Him; that healed this man”.

And as Peter “spoke on boldly”; yet with quiet confidence; preaching they should repent and be converted; great conviction fell upon all the people. And, while he was yet speaking so unto the listening people; suddenly the priests, the captain of the temple guard; his men and the Sadducees arrogantly broke through the throng, and grieved over what they’d heard him “speak so boldly” to the people about Jesus; they were arrested and thrown in the temple jail till morning. But too late; for about 5000 more souls were loosed, saved, and added.

The next day all the rulers, elders, priests, scribes; Caiaphas, and Ananias as high priests and false witnesses they’d gathered against Peter and John assembled. They brought up the apostles to appear and Caiaphas questioning; asked by what power or name it is, they “claimed”; to have healed the lame man. But Peter, found himself being filled by the Holy Ghost; and fearlessly turn and began to “speak boldly” again, saying; “Rulers of the people; elders of Israel; if you intend to prosecute us for the healing of he called impotently; in wanting to know by what means he was made whole; know unto you and all Israel, that we do all, only by the Name of Jesus Christ you crucified; But yet God, chose to raise from the dead!

So, it is only by His hand this once impotent lame man stands here made whole! For Jesus, the stone you builders of salvation rejected; is now revealed as the chief cornerstone. And salvation is found in none other; the name is given among men, whereby we must be saved but that of Jesus! When those gathered against them, heard; and saw Peter and John’s “fearless boldness”; perceiving they were the same unlearned, ignorant men known to have walked with Jesus; they marveled at the change seen in them and the healed man standing before them perfectly whole. And all realized they could say absolutely nothing against them.

So, after conferring among themselves as to how to negate the power of the miracle seen; they could not deny, and to stop any further spreading of the effects their “speaking so boldly” was still having among the people; they straitly threatened them to no longer speak at all nor teach the people; in the name of Jesus. But again, Peter and John answered, saying; “Whether it’s right in God’s sight we hearken to you more than to Him; you judge. For we cannot stop speaking things we’ve seen and heard”. They were then further threatened, but released; for the counsel could find nothing they could legally punish them for; as all people still glorified God for what they’d seen He’d done. And Peter and John returned to their own company and reported all that had been done and said unto them. And all when they heard; lifted their voices to the Lord with one accord to cry;

“Oh Lord, behold these threatenings; grant Your servants “with all boldness that they may speak Your word; by stretching forth Your hand to heal as they do; so, signs and wonders may be done in Your Name; Jesus! And when they’d ended praying; they found the whole place they were; suddenly shaken and they were again filled the more; with the Holy Ghost, so that all again; began to “speak boldly” God’s word! And so, it was that despite the opposition and threatenings of the enemy using traditionally religious men against them; Believers flourished; were of one heart and soul, and none felt to possess things as their own but shared all for the common good. Thus, it was with great power the apostles continually bear witness of Jesus’ resurrection; and great grace was not only upon them all. But a great fear of the Lord fell upon all the people who saw how by the hands of Jesus’ apostles; many signs and wonders were worked among the people. Thus, as the people began to magnify their deeds; multitudes of men and women were converted to believers daily; forming the first mega-church.

Acts 5:15-6:3 (Apostle-phrasing)

Wherever the apostles went; the sick were brought out into the street on beds; in hope Peter’s shadow should he pass by; would overshadow; so, heal them. Multitudes even came from other cities unto Jerusalem. They brought their sick and those “vexed in being worked by unknown spirits”; and all that came so were healed. The Lord was glorified, but the high priest; hearing how all flocked to the apostles; vivid with rage and self-righteous indignation; sent his guard to snatch and quietly imprison them.

However late that night the angel of the Lord came. He opened their prison doors; brought the apostles out past the guards who saw nothing. He then instructed them to; “Go stand fearlessly and openly in the temple and “speaking boldly” teach all who’d hear; the Word. So, they in faith did! That morning the high priest sent his guard to bring them bound before him from the prison; to stand trial as expected. But the guards returned saying; “The prison doors were still locked and guarded; and we opened them, but the apostles are missing.

Now when the high priest and captain of the temple guard and his chief priests heard all this; they were incensed and beside themselves with how to contain the situation. When suddenly a man burst into their midst and reported the escaped apostles were seen in the temple and were boldly teaching the people; again! So, the high priest ordered they be rearrested without violence as he feared the people might stone them if they harmed the miracle workers. And when the apostles were dragged in; the high priest asked; “Did we not straitly command you not teach in Jesus name? Instead, you’ve chosen to fill Jerusalem with your false doctrine that makes us responsible for shedding His blood.

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said; “We ought to obey God rather than men. The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom you slew and hanged on a tree. God exalted Him with His right hand; as His Prince and our Savior give repentance and forgiveness of sin unto Israel. And we’re but His witnesses; as also, is His Holy Ghost; whom God sent to give revelation unto all that obey Him. When the council heard this, they were cut to the heart and began taking suggestions on how to slay them.

But one member of the council; stood up for righteousness. This Pharisee, Gamaliel; was a doctor of the law; with a great reputation among them and all the people. He urged they halt the proceedings; to remove the apostles; so, he could share his thoughts. Then he said; “Take heed what you intend to do as touching these men; to hurt them. For other ways have claimed to be of God, but were disproven over time; their followers scattered, and it brought to naught. So, let us refrain from touching these further. Let them go for if their working is of men it can’t stand. But if it is God, we cannot overthrow it; and, are fighting against God”. 

Now, the council reluctantly agreed; but ordered the apostles to be taken to be scourged and commanded; to no longer speak to teach in the Name of Jesus. But afterwards in being released; the apostles departed; despite being beaten with many stripes; rejoiced in being accounted worthy to suffer such shame. They refused to be intimidated into recanting, disavowing, denying, or in any way to renounce Jesus’ Name. Instead, they not only returned to teach openly in the temple; but began to teach in the homes of any believer inviting them in. Thus, not even one day did they cease “speaking boldly” in rebuking; or teaching and preaching, Jesus!

Now their ramped-up efforts caused this early mega-church, reported in Acts; to grow exponentially. But the working of the Spirit of the Lord; drawing people in; at such steady rapid rate of expansion; made them eventually feel overwhelmed with teaching and reaching to also minister to individual needs. They were led to appoint and ordain deacons from the new disciples; men whose faith was tried so; proved full of patience, and so were made perfect; entire and wanting in no area. James 1:4

Acts 6:4-7:56 (Apostle-phrasing)

Among these chosen anointed men was Stephen. He was known for being obedient to and full of faith, power and did exploits, great wonders, and miracles in ministering to the people. So as is the way of the enemy; out of a certain synagogue of Jews there arose several that were considered spiritually powerful strong men. They formed a team and intentionally came to withstand Stephen by publicly disputing with and intending to soundly wear him out to disgrace him as being a teacher of false doctrine.

Though Stephen; like the apostles, wasn’t learned; the Holy Spirit to use him; filled him and his mouth with Words to say. Thus, that tag-team of strongman formed as a weapon of witnesses against him; proved totally unable to resist wisdom he was given to continually “speak boldly”.  Still, refusing defeat; this tag-team of strongmen hired help as lying false witnesses; to buffet Stephen as a spiritual flood; a WMD, against him.

They declared under oath they’d heard Stephen blaspheme against Moses and God. Their weapon formed seemed to truly be working as a raging storm of adversity against him; and this time it was Stephen being surreptitiously captured, and dragged bound; to appear before the Sanhedrin council.

There they presented even more false witnesses to “speak boldly” as well. These declared they too heard Stephen refusing to stop speaking blasphemous words against the council, their holy place, and the law they upheld. They also claimed they’d heard him say, Jesus of Nazareth would destroy their temple and change all the customs Moses had instructed they must do.  During this time all that sat in the council against him stared Stephen down; but saw that his face was lit up; as if they were seeing an angel; which enraged them the more. So, the high priest stood up and demanded of Stephen; “Are these things you’re accused of true”?

This is when Stephen opened his mouth and out came words even the most learned among them could not prosecute; for he began by saying; “Men, brethren, and fathers, hearken”; and he began the most elegant discourse on Israel’s spiritual history. He began with God calling Abraham forth; and covered from Isaac, Jacob; his 12 sons of whom Joseph; picked out to be picked on; was sold into slavery. He declared God permitted such to show He was with and favored Joseph despite his suffering unrelenting captivity in Egypt.

Stephen told how God alone delivered Joseph out all his afflictions; giving him favor and wisdom that so impressed Pharaoh he made him Egypt’s governor, and gave have charge over his household as well.

Stephen covered Moses’ call after 40 years on the backside of the desert; a fugitive and murderer; yet sent back into Egypt’s stronghold. He stood before its strongman Pharaoh; to demand he let God’s people go! Stephen recounted how Moses stood and “spoke boldly” to rebuke Pharaoh; with God backing him up with signs and wonders following His hardening Pharaoh’s heart that He might be glorified. Stephen also recounted how God in the time He appointed; had Moses lead Israel out of captivity with a high hand; as only He could; and such had never been seen or experienced before; nor since. Yet, despite this spectacular deliverance; Israel chose to whore after other gods; and in making a golden calf to worship; angered Him; and still yet; God!

Stephen also recounted David’s finding favor with God; so desiring to build Him a house. But God chose Solomon would build Him one; although He wouldn’t dwell in such a temple made by hands. Instead, Stephen revealed God purposed to lift up His temples; standards He knew would present themselves living sacrifices holy, acceptable, willingly glorifying Him; and how He’d begun that work; through Jesus’ innocent sacrifice.

Well, those strongmen accusing Stephen and the Sanhedrin judging him; all gazed upon him in arrogant disbelief as his words pricked their hearts. But they gnashed their teeth against him; instead of repenting. But Stephen; fearlessly full of the Holy Ghost, simply looked up steadfastly into Heaven;
and Stephen saw the glory of God, as Jesus stood as the right hand of God!

Acts 7:57-60 (Apostle-phrasing)

And still “speaking boldly”; Stephen declared to the intimidating sound of all those gnashing teeth; “Behold, I see the Heaven open, and the Son of man standing at the right hand of God!” Now as those working him by their gnashing heard this; they stopped, cried aloud, stopped their ears, then ran upon him with one accord.

They snatched him up; dragged Stephen outside the city and began to stone him to death. There stood one witness the had to watch over all this as a Pharisee consenting to their actions. His name was Saul. Saul watched them stone Stephen, and Saul, also heard Stephen call upon God saying; “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit! Saul, also saw Stephen simply kneel down as the stones hit him!

And as Saul continued to watch seeming unmoved; he also heard Stephen cry out with a loud voice; “Lord lay not this sin to their charge!” And finally; Saul saw that afterward of Stephen “speaking so boldly” to say all Saul couldn’t forget he heard; he seemed to then choose to lay down. It was as if he merely fell asleep!”.

Not long after the Lord having converted Saul to be Apostle Paul; and separated him from Barnabas; to suddenly pair him with His prophet Silas. He elevated them to that powerful apostolic, prophetic breakthrough ministry; and set them to do extraordinary exploits for Him; despite all the strongman activity as opposition; He knew they’d encounter.

Repeateded: Acts 14:1-3 (Apostle-phrased)
Paul and Barnabas remained in Antioch a long time, “speaking freely and fearlessly,” so “speaking boldly” in the name of the Lord into the spiritual winds of the controversy raging all about them. In faith, despite the opposition, they continually bore testimony to the Lord’s Word of grace. Thus, He granted signs and wonders to be performed in whatever they laid hands on.

“Speaking Boldly”

Speaking Boldly used only here signifies being Heaven backed to speak frankly, uttering as given; rebukes to bind and loosen things spiritually. It is a confident knowing in spirit and demeanor, working out, speaking out!

Consider, the life-applicable revelatory key so, the principle of the kingdom we define for you here is; having so “wisely knowing” to take the great liberty we’re given; to suddenly be apt to discern and then as led; take a stand is true; a working out of our own salvation.

Understand, this ability is so key for us; because it is a waxing bold to in a suddenly; turn to speak to hidden opposition. But the key is the fact that we are to confront these strongman operating; as we’re led!

Again, this also signifies we speak so as we learn to be stayed totally trusting in the Lord. This then makes our sound; utterly commanding. For speaking so; as His, invoking His name and authority; is an eloquent, compelling sound spiritually. 

Remember, this, “speaking boldly” exudes confidence in our spirit and demeanor. Thus, even devils recognize Word spoken boldly in Jesus’ Name. They not only believe and tremble but must flee the “standard” He lifts our spiritual resistance to be seen as.

Also, beloveds, even more importantly we will see as Paul and Barnabas experienced; the Lord will also grant signs and wonders be performed; whatever it is, we obediently lay hands on. But we don’t have to see a manifestation; just know it is! James 4:7; Acts 14:3

It bears repeating we’ve all as believers; been given great liberty to also work out our own salvation even as all these apostles did so fearlessly. We’re to simply, intelligently have the faith; to discern, then know by the Holy Spirit that will fill us and our mouths with what to say; to work what thinks to work us in any way.  

Remember their examples; we do not have to be learned; able spiritually; to recount scripture and biblical history as if scholars; from our own memories; in our own strength; to “speak boldly” in Jesus’ name.

But we’re to make all these experiences our own learning experiences; how the Holy Spirit is still well able; to fill us; that we too might frankly, freely, fearlessly in faith; show ourselves worthy infallible proofs; of His good, acceptable and perfect will too.

It is still our responsibility; to, as but our “response -to-His ability”; to step through those great, but effectual doors of utterance He will open before us; that He might be glorified; by our learning obedience through things we’re permitted to suffer; even as He did.  Hebrews 5:8

Again, it is so absolute, and key for us, for this, is what enables us to face, to overcome, and think to prevail over any subtil adversity; working us; as spiritual windstorms.

It is also absolute and a key to understand; “speaking boldly in knowing what’s working us”; we will be totally backed up by Heaven; which as Stephen saw while being stoned; causes Jesus to stand at the right hand of the Fathers throne.

Jesus standing so as Stephen saw Him do; is always intentional; for as our very present help; He remains attentive to what we “speak boldly”; He stands at the ready to not just bring to bear signs and wonders to follow His Word spoken as we saw with His apostles and Stephen, but He also backs up in heaven; whatsoever we think to bind and loose; here in the earth; in His name.  He declared as much to Peter.

Matthew 16:19 (Apostle-phrased)

And I will give unto you all, the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

“Bind & Loose”

Bind is powerfully simplified warfare utilizing the Name of the Lord to wind about, twist up into and entangle the strongman and his demons; into their own yokes of captivating spiritual knots; knowing Heaven immediately backs us up.

Loose signifies to cause to loosen one’s spiritual hold had on or over another.

The revelatory is it also signifies that “speaking boldly” to cause a breaking up of, a dissolving, as if melting away of any yoke; even destroying it; by the anointing which completely takes and puts it off of; thus making former captives free; spiritually.

It’s absolute and key we realize; the Lord holds us who’d walk with Him; to responsibly discern, so we intelligently see, so know; what to speak boldly to soundly rebuke what’s out of order. This is when, in working out our stuff in salvation, we become those “standards,” the Lord lifts against any strongman, daring, to come upon us, Glory!

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