Jane Babich

Jane Babich would best be described as a dynamic public speaker, avid storyteller, corporate trainer, and a proficient handmaid of Jesus Christ with a passion for stimulating people to discover and utilize their God-given gifts, to achieve greatness while pursuing every aspect of life. Jane’s career in corporate America spans over four decades across three corporations, and about a dozen different capacities ranging from Project Management, Accounting, Team Leader, Procurement, Process Improvement Writer and more. Her one common thread connecting all of these roles has been her ability to remain an intuitive problem solver and passionate trainer. She has utilized these abilities in each of her roles and continues to use her gifts and experience to help others to craft their legacy, as they pursue their passions, purpose, and vision.

At present, Jane Babich is an executive adviser and tandem teaching with Dr. Audrey Aikens. She also produces and collaborates on the development of several training resources.

Jane has authored numerous blog posts, which have been published on various social media outlets. It is her passion through Fireborn Inspirations to work with other people as a strategist, an organizational leader, training coach, and a problem solver. She is grateful for having been gifted the ability and insight to speak into the lives of others who find themselves stuck, or who are simply looking for help. She strongly believes that humans craft their legacy daily and that everyone has times when they need help to make wise choices for their future. She continues to develop insightful and inspirational media resources, which can be found on several online sources including Fireborn Inspirations Fireside Chats.

From Jane Babich

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