Hearing the Sound of Subtility

Hearing the Sound of Subtility

As a part of the “Kingdon Keys Revelatory Series” we are turning our spiritual perspective; to learn the counterfeit key the enemy proffered to beguile Eve to be used to influence Adam to eat, so choose to fall from grace. It is foundational to truly understand and appreciate this truth; so, we don’t frustrate the work of grace in our lives.

“I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.” Galatians 2:21

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 Apostle-phrased!

Be not surprised nor deceived! Sa`tan can appear and sound like he is sent to be an angel of light. Thus, know too; his messengers and servants are used to do likewise when they come. They can all appear and seem to sound like godly ministers. Thus, we must always be carefully discerning good and evil; especially in what appears to speak in our presenceas if for God.

In the end; all making such uncertain sounds to entangle us in old yokes of bondage; shall reap judgement that wickedness deserves. Till then the key is to wisely discern to know every sound!

Remember: Sa`tan cannot change what he is at heart. Even if transforming to appear to bring light; his sound is uncertain. His questioning God is as a beguiling tempter; seeking to supplant subtility; as evil.  

  • However, grace will always come to strengthen so, change us; to overcome any subtil opposition we’d ever encounter; as we choose to obediently walk with Him in faith
  • With this admonishment under our belts, we begin by considering with fresh eyes Adam’s backstory. For there we pick up the counterfeit keys Sa`tan never wants us to get insight into or understanding of
  • Again, as we begin to access the damage and loss Sa’tan’s sound brought into the rest of the garden; still know he cannot change us; if we learn to wisely choose to make our every experience our learning experience. 
  • For with that learning beloveds; we’ll also find the Lord God has a kairos of appointed opportune timing set; in which grace will come as our strength to overcome; as it hears the sound of faith expressed. And always; in that appointed time called afterwardswe win

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Genesis 3:1 Apostle-phrased!

Now the serpent was “more subtil” than any beast of the field; the Lord God had made

“Serpent Was “More Subtil” 

Subtil:  signifies this serpent perceived itself as the shrewdest, craftiest most calculating creature made; so the same pridefully inflated self-aggrandizing view of itself; Lucifer now Sa`tan; was also guilty of having. 

More Subtilhowever; takes this creature’s pridefully inflated view of its self-worth to a whole other conniving level spiritually. Consider it also signifies this creature had an inherent desire to be used to show its cunning to be the voice of all that was contrary; so counter-productive to the already expressedknown will of God; more than any other creature would dare

The signification of this revelatory concept is that this being “more subtil” also indicates its exaggerated sense of self-worth seeks to manifest itself as a magnified voice as evil present as a sound; full of underhanded, ulterior motive. It also signifies this serpent had a shamelessly brazenbold sound arrogant pride makes; for it thinks more highly of itself; than it ever ought to. 

Consider, Sa`tan in his own craftiness knew if he just used something familiar to speak through to reach the weaker woman; she would be his gate to use to reach and overtake him in his own fault.  He thought to use the serpent’s craftiness to cause the woman, in hearing she suddenly “see” new truth in a lie. He thought to get her to open herself up to and entertain deception; for just a moment. 

But beloveds, he knows a moment gazing is too long. In that permitted access, momentary gazing gives; he’ll immediately “proffer” what will supplant subtility’s seeds of misdirection and doubt; in our ear to hear

Consider, he also thought to conflict her “sense of He” God had filled her with as that greater sensitivity to His presence and walking with HimSa`tan sought to conflict that wisdom she needed to be Adam’s helpmeet; for such conflict wreaks havoc on integrity and any sense of spiritual decorum we have; to prevent our being beguiled; into suddenly, being out of orderConsider, this creature watched; more attentively; more than any other creature God created and in a self-centered looking out for itself.

Finally, consider all this he thought was a sound he magnified through a more subtil serpent that lurked awaiting the opportunity to speak; to give voice to that sa`tanic pride that always proves extremely wily and adversarial


Proffer, as a revelatory concept, signifies voluntarily submit; extend substitute proposals put forward for consideration; to hold out alluring bait; intending to use any acceptance of it; as the hook; that then entangles as now joined; re-aligned with what wisdom would’ve absolutely dictated; must immediately be rejected Sadly, we find neither Adam or Eve; bothered to discern the spiritual sound that “key” made that would change the course of everything they’d ever know as truth.

Genesis 3:2-8 Apostle-phrased!

And the more subtil serpent said unto the woman; “Is it true God said; you shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”

And woman answered“We may eat of the fruit of all the trees of the garden. But, the fruit of the tree in the midst of the gardenGod said; “You shall not eat of it; nor even touch itlest you die!” 

And the serpent said; in his beguiling way as “subtility supplanting”; “Oh, but not so”! “You shall not surely die! God knows in the day you do eat your eyes shall be opened

And you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil!” And when woman as she gazed; saw that the tree was “good for food”, and that suddenly it was “pleasant to the eyes”and a tree to be desired as it makes one wise” she took of the fruit and did eat. 

After she ate; she in turn; gave some of it to her husband who was with her; and he ate too!  Then immediately the eyes of them both openedAnd in now seeing from their new spiritual perspectivethus, realizing they were both naked, exposed and so ashamedAdam and his wife sewed fig leaves together

Their intention was to make aprons intended to hide their nakedness. Knowing what’s been revealed as our learning experience; what do you “see” as the progression of what really happened to the first couple; causing them to lose total sight of cost for laying aside their key of dominion given; to taste the forbidden fruit.

The revelatory is in so doing the serpent became the instrument artfully used to proffer man;through the woman he’d announced he was willing to be so unconditionally and unquestioningly cleaved to; opportunity, to turn and walk instead of with God; as was their habit; to instead foolishly entertain an uncertain soundvoicing only spiritual misdirectionAnd it ended up costing them everything!

Genesis 3:9-13 Apostle-phrased!

And the Lord God called unto Adam asking; “Where are you?” Adam answered; “I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so, I hid.

And the Lord asked“Well who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree, I commanded you not to? And Adam saidThe woman You gave to be with me; she gave me of the tree, that’s why I did eat!” So, the Lord God said to woman; “What is this you’ve done?” And she said; “Well the serpent “beguiled me”; therefore, I did eat.

Let us stay here in defining more of this revelatory concept of the serpent being more subtil; so we come away with a deeper understanding of how it was just an available creature used because of its prideful craftiness.

For remember; in being “more subtil”; it thought more highly of itself than it should; which the adversary saw as a “counterfeit key”; a weapon he formed against man. His “key” intentionally beguiles; causing us to suddenly “see” new truth in lies; be tempted to turn strategically redirected; to walk accepting his voice as an alternative presence walking through our garden. For when we do so; we thus accept redirection from what in truth is an uncertain sound proffering deceptive misdirection.

Again, the revelatory is this “beguiling more thanof subtility supplanting” worked so well against Adam and his wife that it is still that “counterfeit key” forming a weapon used against the undiscerning

It is so important to hear that sound; so, to be able to distinguish its use against us. For its intent remains the same; to get us to turn aside to entertain; to gaze upon a bunch of little details; intellectually majoring on what is minor spiritually. Beware beloveds; our doing so; inadvertently opens doors for deceptive reality to “supplant” seeds of doubt and fear; as an alternative perception to what we once believed was our absolute truth.


Supplanting:  the revelatory is; it works to cast down with the intent to kill, steal or destroy. It works to replace; thinks to supersede by usurping that which is elemental to another retaining their rightful position or sense of authorityIt is achieved or accomplished by using a known desired thing; to introduce or to proffer; some sort of intriguingly beguiling ulterior action we’d now considered as necessary.

It is, therefore, the very essence brought by one using a series of intriguing even alluring highly appealing; yet extremely underhanded tactics; with the intent being to rob another of the desired thing; especially spiritually.

Beloveds it is so important to hear this sound such supplanting makes spiritually; as it not only dishonorably seeks to displace, cut off or cut out others; from what is rightfully theirs; but it also turns things around to then take or fill their place or what was; with some form of undesired substitution.

Consider it as a usurping sound; set in motion to unjustly lay claim to; as if having a right to come commandeer; to seize and in some way misappropriate what it knows we desired or treasured.  Thus, it is key to taking by force; through using troubling trickery intended to beguile another; with a seducing deception.  It also takes unfair advantage gained by completely ignoring another’s will; all with the diabolical intent to steal their seed or “key given”; thus to “frustrate their entire sense of purpose”.  

  • Subtility Supplanting; signifies Sa`tan; in his own prideful craftiness knew if he could just use a familiar to speak through; to reach the weaker woman; she would be the gate to reach Adam.  It suggests the serpent considered woman a weaker thus easy target.
  • Subtility Supplanting; signifies Sa`tan thought she’d be open to listening to the corruptive words he’d bring and have no idea of the devious work of supplanting in her; despite her having been charged by God as them; to tend, guard and keep His Garden.
  • Subtility Supplanting; signifies Sa`tan; produces artfully used alternatives or anti words to try to misdirect us away from what we already know is highholy, true and everlastingly good; as God’s Word always is especially to His own.
  • Subtility Supplanting; signifies Sa`tan seeks to replace one thing by something else proffered as being better or greater. It is to use one thing to come next to and be accepted, but with the intent of taking the place of another we wanted.

Subtility Supplanting; signifies Sa`tan sought to substitute for in using trickery that amounts to robbery. For it systematically uses scheming strategies or forces to take away that which was known to be the greater we’d already been given to possess by the Lord.

  • Subtility Supplanting; signifies Sa`tansubstitutes false desire and half-truths that encourage us to become discontent in whatwho and where we are; yet at the same time settle for what turns out to be far less; yet more costly being totally unacceptable in God.   
  • Subtility Supplanting; signifies Sa`tan; used a tactical move; a revelatory first strike of his battle plan seen; as he boldly used the “more subtil serpent” as a vessel unto dishonor his avenue of expression to violate the sanctity of the rest. 
  • Remember; as soon as woman ate the forbidden fruit; she allowed herself to be used to “turn” to give it to Adam; who was with her the whole time, and he without hesitation or question foolishly he ate; despite knowing the consequences. In being instantly changed spiritually; they were robbed and so violated; they lost their keysubtility supplanted!
  • Finally; all this is that counterfeit key revealed that uses a method of spiritual robbery those who choose to remain vessels unto dishonor will use against us; without hesitation to misdirect the silly folks among us; still being intellectually beguiled to gazing into; instead of looking unto continuing to walk with; the Lord, already known as our God! 

This post was taken from Kingdom Keys Series of Dr. Aikens

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