Defining What’s Working to Ripen Within Us! by Dr. Aikens

Defining What’s Working to Ripen Within Us! by Dr. Aikens

Last week we Selah’d with Galatians 5:22-26; listing the fruit of the Spirit. Our takeaway was His fruit are singular, but as multifaceted in nature as He is tripartite; yet being but one God. And we are the same; made in His likeness. This multi-faceted fruit listing is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness or meekness and temperance called self-control. Today, we define how it shapes and gives us strength of spirit, coupled with His grace to behave wisely; enabling all to see, indeed; He is with us!   

During the Teaching Dr. A. often does responsive reading to aid in understanding. Responsive Reading:  John 15:9-16 Apostle-phrased!

The Lord said; “I have loved you, just as the Father has loved Me; therefore, abide in My love; continue in His love with Me. If you keep My commandments; if you continue to obey My instructions; you will abide in My love; And you will live on in it; just as I’ve obeyed My Father’s commandments; thus, will live on in His love.”

Now, the Lord told us these things that His joy and His delight; might be in us, and that our own joy and gladness might become that of full measure within us; as the fruit of His Spirit. This is so we become spiritually complete; so, we overflow with His ripening fruit.

So it is that His fruit shall then remain at work among us; and His commandment to us it this;

That we should love one another fervently; even is He has shown that great love to us!

“No one has “greater love; no one has shown stronger affection; than that of laying down; literally giving up His own life for His friends.”

He also told us; “And you’re My friends; if you keep on doing things as I command you to.

Even now, I do not call you servants any longer, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; or working out. But I have called you My friends; because I have made known to you; everything; that I have heard from My Father”.

He said; “I chose to reveal to you everything that “I” have learned from Him! You’ve not chosen Me, but I have chosen you; and I have appointed and planted you where I will and within you as “I” will; so you might go as “I” send you; and bear the fruit of My Spirit!”

Lord, You said; “You’d work within us; so that we could then continually bear Your fruit, as it ripens within us. You said; as we would then mature; to where You could pluck our then ripened fruit; to use for Your glory; our fruit, being Your fruit; would become lasting; so, would remain abiding; even as You do, in being “Emmanuel God with us!


Lord, You said; You will continually work effectually within us; so whatever we’d do for you would not be a product of our own strength, but of your love and grace. For You also said;  “Whatever we’d then think to “ask the Father in Your Name” as we present ourselves to Him; full of the fruit of Your Spirit; so all You are as “I AM” within us; He’d see and give it”; unto us! So, as You’ve said Lord; so we believe! In Jesus Name!  Amen!

Teaching begins with Galatians 5:19-25 Apostle-phrased!

Paul begins here before listing the fruit of the Spirit by contrasting that there are at least seventeen deeds or acts of the flesh. He lists adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envying, murders, drunkenness, reveling; then he says, and such like. This signified there were entirely too many more to even try to name. Then he says; “As I’ve told you in the past; those who do such things; shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Now the predicate or qualifier he gives, in beginning verse 22;  is a resounding “But God! For he says; “But, the fruit of the Spirit is proof, His presence resides and works within us; accomplishing. For it is love, joy or gladness; peace, the patience of longsuffering; gentleness which is kindness; goodness; faith as faithfulness; meekness; and finally, temperance that’s spiritual self-control.

As a working of the Spirit, His fruit consists of pure spiritual integrity as it’s substance. Thus, no law exists or can form as a weapon; men will surely think to use; to bring false charges against us intended to prosper against us to then take us out. But God; thus, they shall never prosper! Isaiah 54:17


Fruit:           appears 82 times in the N.T., and 73 times it’s Paul defined, but Jesus taught most about it as very key in salvation. It signifies inward fruit; deposited by His Spirit; to ripen, mature and become viable; ready spiritually, to be plucked.

The revelatory says this supernatural deposit of guiding integrity imprints us individually; signifying building blocks full of spirituality in a godly relationship that indelibly engraves our hearts. Thus, they become as engraved with Him; as His hands are with us! So, as we cannot forget God; He will surely not, forget us!   

Isaiah 49:14-16 Apostle-phrased! Israel’s been known to cry; “The Lord’s forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten me!” So, I ask; “Can a woman forget her sucking child, and not have compassion for the son of her womb?

Well yea, they may well forget. Yet I will never forget you. For behold, I’ve engraved you upon the palms of My hands; thus, your walls; My need to show Myself as strong on your behalf; remains ever before Me.”

Thus, understand, the Holy Spirit comes assigned to occupy; to be busied working in us individually; His deposit of the very likeness that is God within us; as power; and so that enriching; elevating to higher than, “sense of being His”; till we’re in fact, “He”. This seriously overwrites all the “nonsense of me and mine” in the heart or spirit of every believer; so we mature to come unto the full stature the Lord expects; of His!

Consider the revelatory of the fruit of the Spirit deposited within us is that spiritual engraving upon our heart or spirit; our first deposit of power; causing altering in the six-degree process of change; enabling believers; to begin our very key, essential journey; to become the sons of God. John 1:12

The fruit of the Spirit; signify deeds, actions and results that prove profitable as the result of hard work and careful tending we do as His abiding presence resides, works to accomplish the ripening within that’s appointed to progressively be seen the more we yield our way to Him.

The fruit of the Spirit; enables us to willingly deny self; crucify flesh; our godless self-centered passions, appetites, and desires. But as we also learn to be led by His Spirit we go forward with thoughts, deeds, and conduct controlled by; so, enabled to be focused; “centered” by Him.

The fruit of the Spirit; reflect His integrity; so, become our moral compass.  Thus, as we mature spiritually; we go forward increasingly as more spiritual minded; for we willingly “let” His mind be in us to control even our conduct. Philippians 2:5

The fruit of the Spirit is deposited within as a direct result of His abiding presence. It effectually works, accomplishing; ripening within us; a literal “seeding” by His Spirit. It is therefore implanted proof God resides in us to be progressively seen. It is intentionally deposited within us to enable others to “taste so see” Who and how good God is; through the perspective, interaction and relationship; in His being with us.

His fruit manifest within us as God’s very present help seen in the earth; as He is in Heaven.  This is what is referred to that says; “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; and know also; that blessed is the man that will choose to just trust in Him!” Psalm 34:8

Again, as we begin to define characteristics of fruit of the Spirit; remember, as physical fruit needs time to grow, so His fruit doesn’t ripen in our lives overnight. Any successful gardener battles against weeds to enjoy sweet fruit or fragrances from desired seeds.

So too, we all must constantly work to rid our lives of “weeds” our old sin natures are. For if left unattended; they’ll spring up suddenly as do the roots of bitterness intent on choking out the progressive work of the Spirit in us all.  Hebrews 12:14-15

As we learn to willingly give Him more control in our lives, He does as only He can; He shapes and changes us degree by degree to look, think and make choices with grace; so be used as His captains to stand thinking to speak boldly to overcome any tag-team of strongmen; as we become more and more like Jesus. 2 Corinthians 3:17-18

1st – “Love”

Love: in Greek, there are multiple words for love including “eros”, sexual love; and “philos”, friendly or brotherly love. But “agape” in Galatians 5:22 signifies a rare, unconditional love; full of affection, benevolence and grace we’re to show one another fervently; so, we, cause the virtual love feast it is, to be seen; as that which only comes to us from God.

So much revelatory is here in this agape; essentially being God’s love deposited in us; to be expressed as the enduring, intensely self-sacrificing fruit of the Spirit. making it the even greater love; that can only be expressed to that greatest degree possible; spiritually.  

Consider this love as fruit of the Spirit; has supernatural capacity to ripen within us; to be that grace which Jesus called “meizon agape”; that same “greater love” His life and death expressed; for whomsoever would choose to believe in and obey Him to the place where; He’d elevate us to the place of His servants He calls “friends”! John 15:9-14

Again, there’s so much to define revelatorily when we consider “agape” comes with the propensity to ripen within to become this same “meizon agape” within us. For beloveds it begins an effectual work and journey to becoming that intense desire within us; to change. And every degree we do; brings us closer to that being willing; to sacrificially do; whatever God’s good pleasure is for us; even more than our own.

Consider then “agape” as being our integrity; our motivator to do good to and for more than the usual “me and mine” that drives mankind! Thus, it redefines our very soul within; to think outside itself. Thus, “agape” becomes the embodiment of being a true worshipper. For it works within us so we strive to fulfill His Words, and it also becomes dynamic energy building our faith to believe God is and is thus; greater than all else.

This “agape” gives us the ability to so love as Him; so be benevolently compassionate even to those He already knows in ourselves we may well find prove not lovable to us; at all.

Understand; “agape” an intentional work of the Spirit; so is purposed to be shown to those “He knows” will appear to the undiscerning eye; as entirely unworthy to yield to be instrumental in His extending such grace as “meizon agape” through us. But He knows as we but do so; we’ll come to know His spiritually complete; great joy! John 16th

So, “agape” is never our call to make; nor door to shut and lock in feeling put upon or taken advantage of.  But as we’ll obediently and unconditionally; spread it abroad by getting our feelings out of the equation; “agape” will produce grateful hearts; that will reverence Him for all they know He alone; causes us to do for them.

The fruit of the Spirit and His deposit of this “agape” only becomes perfected to be all in us; after we learn to “let it be in us”; as part of the veritable absolute only His love is; as the fundamentally functional; virtual expression of the mind that is Christ.

 Paul also describes “agape” in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8; as unconditional thus, supernaturally patient and kind. It will not envy, not boast and will not be hampered by pride. It will not allow us to dishonor others; because it’s not self-seeking; not easily angered nor keeps record of wrong done it.

A further revelatory point is this totally supernatural, unconditional love as “agape”; is an essential part of God effectually working His fruit of the Spirit within us as the solid integrity His Spirit is assigned to generate in His capacity as the Spirit of Truth.

As such, this very key amazingly powerful fruit of the Spirit is also integrity filled. Thus “agape” will never permit us to be or act suspicious, superstitious or even to take delight in what or who we know as evil; instead, we rejoice only in what we come to know as His truth.

It also seeks to protect while also strengthening us to be used to give hope as He wills. And it encourages us to willingly work as He requires; so, to persevere in working or to remain to be with those assigned; long after others give up on, or disdain us as foolish; for continuing to.

Let us remember; “agape” is more than and above all other things operating to oppose and hinder our being led to obediently move in ordered steps loving unconditionally; to enable the formerly spiritually blind; to “see God”; through our choices and actions. This is why God assigned Peter to turn from his prejudice against gentiles as common and unclean; to teach us to also be willing to be used to express this very key, amazingly fervent “agape”; which signifies loving intensely, passionately and more importantly;  unceasingly; as we find we’re led; will cover a multitude of sins. We’re to do so despite justifiable prejudice blinding us; to only see other’s shortcomings. Acts 10:1-16 & 1 Peter 4:8

This fruit of “agape” is also so full of grace it leads and enables us to be unselfishly used to increasingly and unceasingly; show the intensity this enduring love is for one another. In doing so; love is well able to cover a multitude of sin1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Finally, consider that we move as expressions of “agape” by choice not by feelings. And we’re used; to intentionally express it in ways God deems to use us; to seek the welfare of others; above our own. For, “agape” moves in the integrity that is His character; not our own emotion, circumstance, issues or mess. So, our final thought on “love” must be that; as we mature to the place He chooses to come to pluck our fruit to demonstrate His “meizon agape”; we’ll never again risk doing anything to cause immature believers to struggle or stumble in looking at us; wondering, is this God? Romans 14:1-15; Philippians 2:1-3

2nd – “Joy”

Joy:   signifies gladness that’s not based on outward circumstances. It signifies having delight and cheerfulness; an exceedingly calm joyfulness.

The revelatory is; in the world, joy signifies “feelings” of gladness that cannot last; as it is based in and on fleeting, physical conditions, situations, surroundings and feelings.

But the joy of the Lord; is established in our spiritual, internal and eternal truths known and experienced; thus, become wisdom in us, whereby we’re able to behave ourselves wisely; regardless of what others with us will or will not do.  As we cling to intimacy of sonship relationship we chose with Jesus; so choose daily to walk abiding in His presence; our election is sure; we recertify this saving relationship and it becomes that experiencing fullness of joy we’re promised Galatians 5; John 15:4-11

3rd – Peace

Peace:     is definitely not what the world offers or gives; for it signifies that which joins unto us; to then bring us wholly; into the supernatural prosperity and quietness and restful spaciousness; that more importantly; sets us at one with our God; again.

The revelatory is; the world cannot offer such peace; for it cannot give what it doesn’t know as Lord; who is our peace. We have the Spirit of peace as only the Lord gives, and it resides within. We cannot lose it; nor can it be taken away from us. This is the only peaceable to pass all available understanding; in the supernatural possibilities it opens us up unto. For it remains with us as that supernatural source we can draw upon, to stabilize us; and we can count on will remain with us, regardless; what our circumstances may say.

Philippians 4:4-9 tells us first, choose to rejoice in God and who He is; second, bring all our worries, fears and concerns to Him in prayer. Third, we’re to fill our mind with His truth; then fourth; simply “choose”, to think on godly things. John 14:27

4th – “Longsuffering”

Longsuffering:      signifies patience, forbearance, restraint, tolerance, mercy and fortitude.

The revelatory is; we certainly don’t see much of any of this exhibited in the world today; sadly, not even among God’s people; Jew or His church consisting of those of us who are born again. 

Perhaps part of why this fruit must ripen so is; our fast-paced, want-it-now culture. But when we know God as our source; we know what is for us; is for us; thus we can wait on Him; in believing Him. In thus, having everything we need to be patient; the Spirit knows as He works in us; we’ll begin to long to be used to display His character as He leads us.  

As longsuffering, therefore patient people; we’re to put up; as led; with people’s lack; even issues severely vexing our ability to display patient endurance and perseverance.  

This is true even when we think to share salvation with others; for the Lord patiently calls the lost to come unto Him, and as His; we’re to be patient as His living examples of it. Be open to invitations requiring we live salvation aloud; so be read and accepted of all who will hear in seeing and knowing us! 2 Peter 3:9; 2 Timothy 4:20

5th – “Gentleness”

Gentleness:  signifies we gain profitable usefulness to the Spirit as servants; for we’re given the ability to move in kindness, goodness, tenderness, and gentleness; that are His excellence able to be seen in our character, attitude and demeanor

The revelatory is; causes us to exude such a powerful calm into the midst; despite any crisis or storm of adversity; God is glorified. This kindness and goodness that is such an integral part of Gentleness as the fruit of the Spirit; is very closely related. It enables us to present others the clear picture of not only our possessing moral goodness and integrity; but willingness to generously express it in how we’re willing to act toward others.

Again, this “goodness seen in action” is supposed to cast a clear reflection of God’s initial kindness and goodness He unconditionally and irrevocably shows toward us. It is demonstrated as we occupy in the realms of salvation; so we shew the immeasurable riches of His grace; in kindness shown toward us; for all eternity. Titus 3:4; Ephesians 2:7

6th – “Goodness”

Goodness:   signifies the inward working of the Spirit; that produces a virtue of benevolent generosity within us; thus, we’re kind and so magnanimous in our spirit; that we can be counted on unconditionally; to move compassionately as we’re led; to respond to some need we’re given to see.

The revelatory is as a fruit of the Spirit; it causes us to know we are seen, yet we are willing to be found “faithful”. This portion of the fruit works on aptitude and attitude; to lead us to where we attain unto the spiritual altitude of our being reliable and trustworthy.

It is also being constant; so content to remain submitted to God’s expressed will and Word to and for us; thus, obedient to His Spirit. It is His Spirit working in to provide us the ability and stability required to persevere in being faithful to stick and stay; so, hold our course spiritually; despite storms, adversity, and even disappointments.

This attitude is in direct contrast to our old faithfulness unto our own sinful desires and ways. Being faithful also signifies being willing to suffer by enduring the trying of our faith; including in persecutions that may even seem to bring us to the death of some desire or hope, yet we trust God; for the Lord’s sake.

This is as we learned so many of the Lord’s captains had to do in Acts in being threatened! 2 Thessalonians 1:4

7th – “Faith”

Faith:      signifies being fully persuaded; thus, having the credence; the moral conviction of religious truth or the truthfulness of thus reliance upon Christ for salvation. It also signifies being constant in our professions of His truth as our life assurance, beliefs, and fidelity.

But faith is a whole teaching by itself that takes more time than we have to dedicate to it in this session; so we will return to it later.

8th – “Meekness”

Meekness:   signifies a mildness of spirit full of humility in being humbled under the mighty hand of God. It is also seen as humility having the great strength of spirit to wisely live denying self.

It is, therefore, more than the opposite of being self-centered. It is also “key” to the unity and peace that is wholly who Jesus is. Remember, He exhorted us to take His yoke upon us to learn of Him as He’s meek and lowly of heart. Matthew 11:28; 2 Timothy 2:25; Galatians 6:1; Ephesians 4:2

The revelatory is, what we find most closely linked to this working of the Spirit that produces within us; is “grace”. For “meekness” also speaks to our ability to exhibit humility and gentleness despite adversity; for meekness like grace, it is not weakness as so often mislabeled; but again, is great strength under control.

Paul taught us who’re truly spiritual; must not only correct our opponents with gentleness”; but those we find overtaken in faults; we should quickly restore in this same “spirit of meekness” that again; is gentleness.

9th – “Temperance”

Temperance:        signifies self-control especially that of continence.

The revelatory is this last characteristic in Paul’s description of fruit of the Spirit refers us back to his list of “works of the flesh”.  In being indwelt by the Holy Spirit we also have the inherent strength to control our desires, so just say “no” to our flesh. Self-control gives us the power to say “yes” to the Spirit and that will foster a beautiful, bountiful harvest of spiritual fruit!

As we began to define the revelatory that gives an understanding of how key and amazing the spiritual fruit of the Spirit are; Paul ended his listing with an awesome thought overlooked word. he taught something powerful. Paul taught to come to abide and to work effectually in us; we learned no man, could ever bring illegal charges against us for our bearing them; or “standing to speak boldly what they prompt us to say; that can ever prosper.

Let us Selah on this thought: John 10:15-40

During the winter feast of dedication in Jerusalem; Jesus was at Solomon’s porch teaching throngs of those following Him that; “The Father knows Me, even as I know Him so am willing to lay My life down for His sheep. But I have other sheep not part of Israel; that I must also bring into the kingdom. They too shall hear My voice, and there shall be one-fold with one Shepherd! My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life, that I might take it again. No man can take it from Me! I’m given power to lay it down, to take it up again in My due season.  The Father commanded I work this out as His will. It’s fruit I’m to bear, but He’ll pluck!” But Jesus speaking that Word caused great division and rage to spread among the religious Jews. So, they sought to bring charges against Him as mad, demon possessed and beguiling people to listen to Him. But many defended His Words as not sounding demon possessed, and that devils don’t bear fruit of opening blind eyes; as Jesus did many times. Then the frustrated Jews sought and found Him still teaching at Solomon’s porch how He and God the Father were one. So, they surrounded Him to find some way in; to bring charges against Him. They demanded, “How long will You make us doubt You’re “Christ”; tell us so; plainly!”

Jesus knew, yet “spoke boldly” in answering this tag-team of religious strongmen saying; “I told you, but you refuse to believe. But the “very key fruit” of works I do in My Father’s name; bear witness of Me. You refuse to believe this; because you don’t hear Me. Why? Because you’re not My sheep; for “My sheep hear My voice and I know them, and they follow Me in hearing! I give them eternal life and “grace” to never perish; to never be plucked out of My hands by any man! And My Father which gave them to Me is greater than all! So, no man plucks them out of His hand and these; “very key fruit” prove; that I and My Father are indeed one!

The religious Jews on hearing this; became the more enraged; so, took up stones again to stone Him. But Jesus simply stood and “spoke boldly” again saying; “I’ve shown you many good works as “fruit” from My Father; for which of those do you presume the right to now, stone Me”?The Jews said; “Good works are not what we’d stone You for; but for Your blasphemy in You a mere man; daring to make yourself out as if somehow; You could ever be seen as equal with God!”  Jesus answered; “Isn’t it written in the Law; “I said You are gods” in Psalm 82:6?  If the Law calls men gods; men God sent His message of grace to; and you know Scripture cannot be set aside, cancelled, broken or annulled; if that’s truth; how can you say of Me; the One the Father consecrated, dedicated, set apart for Himself, to be sent into the world; “That I’m a blasphemer”; because as the Truth I said I’m the Son of God?

If I’m not doing the works; bearing the fruit; performing My Father’s deeds; don’t believe; don’t lean on; trust in or rely on Me! But, if I do them, so you see them through you refuse to believe or have faith in Me; at least, believe the works as fruit; find faith in what I do; that you may know and clearly understand; the Father is in Me, and I’m in the Father; so I’m One with Him

Well immediately the religious Jews became enraged again and sought to arrest Him, but Jesus; He simply turned and “escaped” out of their hands. From there Jesus went back across the Jordan river to where John had baptized Him.

There He remained awaiting His next hour to go forth in ordered steps. Though He remained there many still found so came to Him. For it was said; “John didn’t bear fruit by performing any signs; or miracles. But everything he said about Jesus, has proved true. So many more believed in Jesus there; choosing to adhere to, trust in and totally rely upon Him.

“Jesus Escaped”

Escaped:    literally signified Jesus appeared to go; in a departing; as does issues of smoke; vapor, steam. The revelatory is; this “escaped” signifies being seen; as going away from directed; as spiritual puffs of wind; invisibly blown about; go their way invisibly, but are seen elsewhere; so, spread abroad.

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