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Are You Following the Sun of Your Season?

I love the song Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof. Listen here to a great rendition just to refresh your memory of this moving song.
In the seasons of your life, the sun will change position, just as it does every day.  As you rise each day, the sun appears like it is brand new and never seen before. Each evening it sets like it has truly disappeared. Try as we may, we can not stop the sun from rising or setting, just as we can not stop the seasons of our own life.
The sun represents many things to us: life, growth, heat, sweat, morning and newness, just to name a few.  As you have gone through different seasons of life, have you ever wondered where the sun was for you? (more…)

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Someday…how big is your list?

When did your someday list start?  Mine started with my parents.
I would hear grown up conversations, and my parents would talk about remodeling, traveling, and vacations. A lot of those discussions ended with, “Honey, we will have to go there someday.”
From those conversations, I started my own someday list.  The first time I remember writing an actual list was when I was in fourth grade. It was summer and as I sat on my porch, I wrote:

  • Someday I am going to do a mural on a big wall with a group of other artists.
  • Someday I am going to write poetry that touches others.
  • Someday I am going to get married and be loved a lot.

Well, one of the three came true. I married in 1973 the love of my life. Then without me even understanding how or why, my hope in someday faded.
As years passed I dropped things off the list because I said, “It is never going to happen.”  I had not even tried to do most of them. Life just painted me the picture that someday was never coming my way. (more…)

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Don't take charge…take the lead

TTLOYLTake charge of your life!  I told myself that so many times as I was building my professional career because I knew I had the ability to do whatever I needed to do. But I often found myself exhausted from taking charge at work, home, church, in relationships, in by health…on and on and on.  So I would have what I referred to as a “crash weekend”.
“Crash Weekend” recipe; do nothing, plan nothing, don’t get dressed. I would stay in my PJ’s and let the world go by. Then on Sunday evening I would almost in anger; start to put my week together; like picking up pieces of a broken bowl.I would talk to myself, “OK, get it together’, take charge of your (more…)

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What NOT to do with a Life Event Change…

Event of ChangeIt was March 31, 1989 and I had requested a meeting with my Pastor.  I was sick for over four months and no one could tell me what was wrong.
Test after test, visit after visit and I was still sick and loosing weight daily. I could not sleep, and I was so sick sometimes I had to pull over and “toss my cookies” along the road on my way to work.
So here I sat waiting for my Pastor, a member of his church for over 15 years, I was nervous, nauseous and trying to remember what I wanted to say to him.   (more…)

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Keep the PUSH

PUSHI am always talking about goals, not just throughout a new year. Why?  Because if you set goals, some things have become apparent now that you have been working on your goals for the last month. You find that you need to maybe make some adjustments like:

  • Break some of your goals down into to smaller actionable pieces.
  • Replace a goal with a different goal because you have already complete the original one.
  • Move the time period of when the goal is to start and stop.

These are just to name a few.  But today I want to address the possible change you are thinking to make on your PUSH Goal.  The push goal is that goal that is challenging maybe even scary; yet you knew when you set it, that when completed it would be used to push other goals into the done column. (more…)

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Life Legacy Elements

If you are like me you read a lot about preparing for a great season in your life, and there is a lot out there! How to be healthier, wealthier, wiser, and everything else you can google.
Our approach needs to be different each year…because we are different. Change is constant!  We are different than last year, and can anyone say, Thank you, Jesus?
In each season of life, everything we do, be or go; is a part of our Life Legacy. As you start this year, consider the elements you will need to inspire and change your life and the life of others. Here are 4 Life Legacy elements that will inspire and bring change.

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Motives of Gift Giving

SHOPThis is the season that millions will spend time, money and energy to select gifts for Christmas.  The motives will normally fall into one of these three;
1) Give a gift because you feel you have to: Although we all have done this, as we mature and grow into being who we really are; we will do this less and less because you do not enjoy it and the one receiving knows you do not.  So is that really a gift?
2) Give a gift because you have to: This may sound the same as number one but it truly is not.  This is when you are so full of emotion because of someone else’s impact on your life that you have to invest in something that will some how express thanks, gratefulness and just plain impact on them…if only for a minute.

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orange_heartLet me start with, I really do not like labels, but I do understand that some times it just makes sense.
As a life long organizer, I fully embrace the labeling practice of labeling things and places, but not people.
The reality of my principal labeling belief became even more real after a trip to my dentist.
While waiting for the dentist I was asked to complete some paperwork. I began to answer the questions, kind of mindlessly, until I came across this question. I was to circle the answer that applied to me, or labeled me.

Status: Married or Single.


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Wear Red?

IMG_1692Red, oh I don’t know if I can!  See, I am getting ready to do my first video in a few weeks and I meet with the gentlemen that will be doing the recording this past Saturday.
As we were closing the meeting, he said with a voice of finality…”And wear RED.”  I responded, “Red, why red?”  He said, “Because it will make you pop.”
I wanted to protest, but I could not even respond because he said it with such confidence and I was trying to determine why I had such a strong negative reaction to his seemingly positive suggestion…to wear RED.

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My Miracle

Lord, I need a miracle!

Click the link above to hear an amazing song about waiting on a miracle.
Have you ever thought that?  Have you ever said it out loud?  How did you feel?  Were you full of faith? Or was this just something you said with exasperation.
The miracle is defined as:
A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. A highly improbable or extraordinary event that brings very welcome consequences. (more…)

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