Dedicated: “Committed, not just submitted.”
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Dedicated: “Committed, not just submitted.”

This is from a teaching series Dr. Aikens did entitle "Decisively Dedicated." The first post is a look at "Dedicated, "committed, not just submitted." When our perspective towards our calling or purpose is “it’s just what I do,” then veracity and excellence will not be what we strive to attain because we are settling for so much less, for God and from God. And if we don’t change our attitude, we will become ambivalent and indecisive about a need to invest ourselves to reach our maximum potential within that calling or purpose. And that is a problem. Ambivalence & Indecisive Ambivalence Ambivalence is when we have opposing attitudes, values, or thoughts coexisting in us at the same time. Ambivalence is being uncertain or indecisive as to which course to follow. As an attitude, ambivalence will hinder the preparation for excellence…

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Stick and Stay, Even When Leadership Fails Us

Although this teaching is reverencing Samson as the one that allowed his desires to override what was right, he lost being seen as a leader. We see that same behavior in many, many, too many of our land leaders in these times. No matter what we see or how disappointed we are in the lack of leadership in our lives, remember you are a leader to someone, be it a co-worker, family, community; so we need to hold fast to the calling are to fulfill, regardless of those that are falling short daily. Sterizo (hold fast) even when it looks like we are going under Some of the greatest leaders lose their position because they first lost sight of their calling. How is it that Samson could lose sight of his high calling? His parents obediently undertook the responsibility of…

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