4 Things Revealed in My First Mastermind Meeting

4 Things Revealed in My First Mastermind Meeting

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I met a group of young adults back in the fall of, and God revealed to me that they were born for excellence. However, they needed and deserved to be guided by intention with determined effort and skilled execution. Such potential could not go un-nurtured. Our world needs what they can contribute.
This is what caused me to start “A Well-Crafted Life” Mastermind Group in 2016.  I’ve teamed up with two other dedicated and experienced individuals who are committed to working with this group of six to impact their lives and legacies.
We just finished our first of 22 meetings we will have this year, and these are the four things these awesome young adults revealed to me in our first encounter together.

      1. Hunger starts in the heart – They are hungry for money and for fame – but not just for themselves.  They want to make money so they can help more people.  They want to be known so they can help more people. And most of all, they are hungry to learn how to do it with excellence. It is a gift to have heart focused hunger.


      1. It starts with me – They are totally committed to working on themselves first so they can give their best when it is time to impact others. Each one has a personal plan for preparation and change to ready themselves for impacting lives in the future.


      1. Free has value – We discussed charging for these 22 meetings, but we determined to treat it as a labor of love and investment in these six lives. These young adults understand the value of free.


      1. Accountability is a gift – Each of these members are open and willing to be accountable and provide accountability for each other. Selflessness is one of the keys to being able to be accountable and in setting that standard for someone else.

It is my honor to work with this group to help them design their Well-Crafted Life and Legacy.
It is my desire to inspire you to find someone to invest in this year. You will never regret it.
Share below how you plan to guide someone with potential into a life of fulfilling their destiny.

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